Айсикай участвовал в Mee 2023
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Айсикай участвовал в Mee 2023

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    On March 9, 2023, the 48th Middle East Dubai Energy Exhibition MIDDLE EAST ENERGY (MEE) ended in Dubai for 3 days with a total area of 70000 square meters. This exhibition is the sixth time for AISIKAI to participate in the exhibition. It is the first step for AISIKAI to build a dream in the spring. It is also the first step for the world to hear us!


    The main products of AISIKAI at this exhibition are: SKT/ASKQ series intelligent dual power automatic transfer switch, ASKW series intelligent air circuit breaker, ASKM series molded case circuit breaker, ASKB series miniature circuit breaker, SKR2 series intelligent ATS controller, etc.


    In this exhibition, AISIKAI not only pushed high-quality products to the front end of the market to provide customers around the world with viewing experience, but also won higher brand awareness by strengthening brand publicity, laying a foundation for the company to further expand the international market.







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